Cabinets Customized To Match Your Home

Choose from a selection of standard face frame cabinets in Phoenix, AZ

Cabinets come in a variety of designs. If you want a specific look for your cabinets, you'll be able to pick from the widest range of options by choosing American face frame cabinets. Templar Woodworking LLC fabricates custom standard cabinets for customers in Phoenix, AZ. We'll work with you to create cabinets that match the style of your kitchen or bathroom and make your house look brand-new.

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Choose from several design options

Choose from several design options

American face frame cabinets come in three distinct designs. Since they're constructed with a supporting frame around the cabinet doors, the opening can be customized to your taste. Consider these options for your face frame cabinetry:

A full overlay, where your door will cover the opening completely
A partial overlay that only covers part of the opening and leaves space between doors or the edge of the cabinet
An inset overlay that's flush with the opening and simulates a frameless look

If you're not sure what style will work with your home, we can suggest an attractive and functional design. Start designing custom standard cabinets when you call us today at 602-791-1562.